How to see the sights of London

If you are visiting London for the first time or have already walked around the city center, but are not familiar with the history of its most famous places, I suggest going on a tour of the main attractions. And for more information about the sights of London, visit the стартап-единорог website

An easy and exciting walk, during which I will acquaint you with many interesting historical and modern facts, with the lifestyle, interests and preferences of local residents. Our tour itinerary includes but is not limited to attractions such as:

Trafalgar Square, where city dwellers celebrate festivals of different cultures. Six-meter figures of lions, located in the square, guard the hero of the naval battle, Admiral Nelson;
Westminster Abbey, where royal weddings, coronations, christenings and funerals take place. During World War II, 60,000 sandbags were taken to the abbey to protect the memorials from German bombs!
Parliament, which is the main legislative body of the country. It is illegal to die in this building!
Big Ben, the name of which leads to much controversy;
The current residence of Queen Elizabeth II is Buckingham Palace, built on the site where King James I planned to plant mulberries. He probably used the wrong kind of mulberry tree, the cocoons of which were not suitable for producing silk;
Tower Fortress is an ominous landmark that maintains tradition and remembers legends. Black crows are permanent inhabitants of this fortress.
Tower Bridge, which, according to statistics, is raised 1000 times a year. The length of the bridge is 244 meters!
The building of the horse guards, where the guards are on duty, which appeared in 1660 at the request of the English king Charles II;
10 Downing Street is the residence of the British Prime Minister. Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli, William Gladstone, Margaret Thatcher were residents of this house, acting as prime ministers. With the exception of the armed policemen, the residence is guarded by the Lari mice.
During the excursion, we can get acquainted with the capital transport. I suggest using (your choice of) a taxi, double-decker bus, metro or boat ride on the River Thames.

The tour can be ended at one of the pubs with a mini-tasting of the most popular local drinks — ale and cider.

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